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Founded in 2014, we, at Advanced Tutoring Network, pride ourselves on our reputation of success, both in and out of the classroom. The Network is made up of dedicated, licensed educators and professionals with significant educational experience. All of our academic tutors have experience in the school system and are actively associated with the latest trends, mandates, and expectations of academia. They work at high-achieving, reputable schools, preparing their students for state tests, SAT’s, ACT’s, AP Tests, and the ever-changing real world. Our tutors’ credentials are only out-shined by their commitment to their students’ success.

We offer private, individualized tutoring sessions to clients from ages 5 to 105. Advanced Tutoring Network’s enthusiastic educators happily create individualized education plans for each of our clients. We utilize, and teach clients how to effectively utilize, cloud-based educational technology. This collaborative method inspires clients to question and communicate – something that is widely respected in the professional world.

Our motto, Thinking Outside the Classroom, exemplifies our approach to our clients’ success. There is no correct way to learn, just as there is no correct way to teach. There is no such thing as a boring session with an Advanced Tutor. In order to be a member of the Advanced Tutoring Network, tutors must be the most knowledgeable; they must be the most innovative; and they must be the most passionate. Our clients succeed because we have built a network on a strong foundation of mastery through rigor and​ strengths-based learning.

Advanced Tutoring Network's Branches

Our Team of Dedicated Educators

Chris Grouzes, M.A.


In addition to acting as the Director of Advanced Tutoring Network, Chris works for the Network as an executive function coach, resume-writing coach, Google specialist, writing tutor, and speaking coach. Over 15 years that he has spent tutoring and coaching, Chris has helped well over a hundred people find comfort and stability in their lives. He loves to communicate with people and help them to appreciate and effectively represent themselves, both in person and on paper. He also teaches English, Public Speaking, and Theatre at Penncrest High School, his alma mater. After graduating magna cum laude from Lock Haven University with a degree in Secondary Education, he went on to earn an M.A. in Communication Studies from West Chester University and has been helping people overcome social and speaking anxiety ever since. He takes pride in promoting an atmosphere for his students and clients that encourages rigor and creativity combined with sincere discussion and cultural perspectives. Promoting self-advocacy, acceptance, and laughter are at the core of his personal philosophy and teaching method.


Chris lives in Kennett Square, PA, and, when he is not conducting classes, directing the school plays at Penncrest, teaching improvisational comedy, or tutoring, he likes being outside as often as possible. He plays adult-league softball and kickball and enjoys traveling and hiking with family and friends. If he isn’t involved in any of the above activities, you can find him relaxing with his wife and dog at his family’s campsite.

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"Steph has been not only a tutor but a mentor.  Nick is a completely different person than what he was 3 years ago.  School is no longer a burden and he now is able to do well in school and at the same time do Varsity Track, Work and Volunteer at the SPCA.  We are so proud of him!    


-Monica (Nick's mom)