ATN Learning Lounge

It's time to unschoolify education.

Education and school are not one and the same. Yes, education can happen at school, but it is important for us to remember that the way that school educates is not the only way to learn. In fact, many would argue that school is quite effective at teaching students how to be good at school but not always helpful at educating them about life outside of school. Students who are “good at school'' succeed in school, while those students to whom the mainstream style of educating does not appeal may feel like they are inadequate, not just in school but in life. Those of us who are lucky enough—yes, lucky enough!—to be neurodiverse can grow up thinking that there is something wrong with us, when, in fact, we are geniuses in our own right.


An enriched learning environment.

Albert Einstein was described by one of his teachers as “ of those awkward scholars who might or might not graduate but who, in either case, was a great deal of trouble.”


Later, he went on to be, well, Albert Einstein and famously say, “I never teach my pupils. I only provide the conditions in which they can learn."

Let's shake things up a bit, shall we?

Let’s hold students to higher standards that will ultimately help them develop a healthier work-life balance. Let’s encourage students to be well-rounded individuals. Let’s promote self-respect and let productivity follow, instead of the other way around.

That all sounds great, but what is a Learning Lounge?

Many people have scratched the typical office environment in favor of “coworking spaces.” These spaces let people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects or in groups on the same projects. It’s different from a typical office workspace because the professionals in a coworking environment generally work for different companies. This concept has become wildly popular in the professional world, so ATN thought it would be equally beneficial for students to experience a fun, creative, and collaborative coworking-space-like atmosphere. So we took the coworking space model and added some ATN flair. Every student, in addition to completing his or her school work, will have an individualized plan which ATN teachers will create and monitor.

ATN’s Learning Lounge is not school. It’s not home, either. It’s simply a place to work and a place to chill. It’s a coworking space that offers help with academics but draws a hard line between the grade and the person. By building each program on the foundation of metacognition (learning about how we learn), we help students grow to celebrate themselves as amazing, unique people, not just good students.

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Ready to learn?

As of right now, ATN is first launching the enriched Learning Lounge program in Pennsylvania. If you are interested in exploring what ATN's Learning Lounge has to offer, please contact the Pennsylvania hub at, and we will send you an FAQ with more information and later arrange a consultation.

We're ready. Let's get to work.