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Updates for the Spring 2021 Semester

We're Ready.

Person A: How are you?

Person B: (sighs and shrugs

Person A: “Oh. Okay. Well, what will school look like this year?”

Person B: (sighs and shrugs) “I don’t know. How are you?”

Person A: (sighs and shrugs)

The situation surrounding COVID and education is precarious, to say the least. Simply put, no one knew what school was going to look like starting in the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester and beyond. The only thing we know for sure is that we—as a Network of educators—are ready. We created our plan for the 2020-2021 school yeah after strong consideration of CDC guidelines, polling of our teachers and clients, and extensive research into alternative and innovative ways to teach and learn. ATN’s clients still have access to over 100 teachers across the country, and we are taking the following steps to make sure that our teachers, our clients, and our students can interact and grow in a safe, interesting, and fun environment.

Online vs. In-Person Learning

In March 2020, Advanced Tutoring Network became a fully online tutoring group. We have held many internal Zoominars, during which our teachers combined their resources and discussed best practices (apps, activities, video resources, etc.) for online learning. We are still advocating for online learning because we cannot guarantee anyone’s health, and, frankly, it has been working very well. If a student, his or her parent, and the teacher have agreed to meet in person, ATN will not stand in the way of that happening. ATN's expectation is that tutors, students, and parents will wear masks during sessions and practice social distancing to the degree that it is possible. No mask = No in-person tutoring. ATN will not, in any situation, ask our teachers or clients to go outside of their comfort zones. Safety first. Education second.

Homeschool & Homebound Help

We are happy to offer tutoring and coaching for students (K-12 and college) who receive homebound or homeschool instruction. We want to make it clear, however, that Advanced Tutoring Network is not an accredited school, therefore we can only help students, who have received curricula from their school district or any other accredited institution. For inquiring minds, the difference between homeschool and homebound is this: homebound instruction curricula are arranged and supervised through the student’s school. Homeschooling, on the other hand, requires that parents find an accredited curriculum and appoint (or act as) a supervisor, which is responsible for progress monitoring and reporting. Our teachers are ready to help you in either situation, although the two are formatted very differently.

ATN Outdoors

We are happy to offer our clients who live in the Philadelphia and Greater Denver areas (including Boulder, Colorado) an opportunity to do some “Thinking Outside the Classroom.” If a student, his or her parents (when applicable), and the teacher agree to meet in person, we encourage them to meet in a park. Weather permitting, of course. Both ATN hubs (Philadelphia and Boulder) have lists of recommended meeting places that we would love to share with you. Meeting outside is safer for all parties, and nature is awesome. So why not, right? This pandemic has been stressful and draining for all of us, but let’s take advantage of the opportunity to educate and to be educated, surrounded by nature, instead of concrete walls. This change of scenery will further emphasize ATN’s mission of supplying the holistic education of the whole learner. A student does not have to be an “outdoorsy” person to benefit from ATN Outdoors. Being quarantined, always inside and disconnected from one’s surroundings can drastically affect a person’s emotional health, which is monumentally important to his or her well-being and success. Don’t be ashamed, if you’re sad or confused; you are not alone. Maybe take a study break and dip your toes in a lake. Maybe make nature a part of your whole educational experience. ATN Outdoors is a great way to extend learning beyond a typical one-on-one session; it is enhanced when it is paired with ATN Pods, which are described below. Our clients who do not live in the areas around our two hubs are, most times, unable to take advantage of ATN Outdoors. Check in with us, though. We have teachers all over the country. We may be able to make it work! 


Stay tuned. You may see another ATN hub pop up near you!

ATN Pods

More and more schools are continuing fully online education in the 2020-2021 school year. It is important to note that not all online programs are equal; some are great, while others fall short. Some online programs are incomplete because they were forcibly put together by a stressed-out teacher who has never taught online education before. Among the many potential issues with a program is the lack of opportunity for students to interact with one another. “Human beings are social animals,” is not just a thing that people say—it’s science. Social interaction is immensely important to our development and well-being. Many of us are confused by this foreign yet very real longing for school and/or work. Our kinesthetic-learner friends (people who learn best when they participate in activities or solve problems in a “hands-on” manner) may be suffering. And let’s not forget about our neurodiverse friends! Enter, ATN Pods! This new approach to education is one that we are excited to introduce and explore. Simply put, let’s connect a group of 2-6 learners (socially distanced and masked, of course!), who need help in the same subject, with an ATN teacher. Let’s also explore different and interesting locations for them to meet. We recommend holding ATN Pods outside (see ATN Outdoors, above), but, we trust our teachers, students, and parents to decide on a safe, mutually-agreed-upon lesson location. Added bonus: the bigger the pod, the cheaper it is for each involved party. There is a strict cap of 6 students per ATN Pod. 


If you are interested in exploring ATN Outdoors and/or ATN Pods, please contact the hub closest to your home, and we will send you an FAQ and arrange a free phone consultation.

Ready to Learn?

If you are interested in exploring ATN Outdoors and/or ATN Pods, please contact the hub closest to your home, and we will send you an FAQ and arrange a free phone consultation.

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