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Online vs. In-Person Learning

From March 2020 to the time that COVID vaccinations became available, Advanced Tutoring Network was a fully online tutoring group. We have held many internal Zoominars, during which our teachers combined their resources and discussed best practices (apps, activities, video resources, etc.) for online learning. This led to an unintended and interesting shift in many people’s approach to learning. For some students, the online option was and continues to be a great option. It also opened up our abilities to start helping people from all over the world, offering them the same help that we could offer them, if they met in person.


Many of our tutors and coaches have begun to offer in-person sessions again, and all tutors and coaches are happy to continue offering the online option. We cannot guarantee anyone’s health or speak for anyone’s learning style, so we will not advocate for in-person or online as a rule. We will leave this up to the client and the tutor or coach. If all involved parties agree to meet in person, ATN will not stand in the way of that happening. ATN will not, in any situation, ask our tutors, coaches or clients to go outside of their comfort zones. Safety first. Learning second.

Homeschool & Homebound Help

We are happy to offer tutoring and coaching for students (K-12 and college) who receive homebound or homeschool instruction. We want to make it clear, however, that Advanced Tutoring Network is not an accredited school, therefore we can only help students, who have received curricula from their school district or any other accredited institution. For inquiring minds, the difference between homeschool and homebound is this: homebound instruction curricula are arranged and supervised through the student’s school. Homeschooling, on the other hand, requires that parents find an accredited curriculum and appoint (or act as) a supervisor, which is responsible for progress monitoring and reporting. Our teachers are ready to help you in either situation, although the two are formatted very differently.

Ready to Learn?

If you are interested in exploring more that ATN has to offer, please contact Chris with a message about what you're looking for, and we will send you an FAQ and later arrange a complimentary phone consultation. We're ready. Let's get to work.

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