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organizing, and



Sustaining and

shifting attention

to tasks


Monitoring and




Regulating alertness,

sustained energy

and speed


Utilizing working

memory and

accessing recall


Managing frustrations

and modulating


What, exactly, is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive Functions of the brain are higher-level cognitive processes involved in inhibition of thought, action and emotion. Major Executive Function components include working memory, inhibitory control, planning, social interactions, empathy, and set-shifting. These components contribute to a person’s ability to sustain attention, ignore distractions, and succeed in academic and social settings.


Executive Function Coaching (EF Coaching) is similar to any other coaching, but the game is life. An Advanced EF Coach caters his or her approach to a student’s needs. Some skills on which coaching sessions can concentrate include, but are not limited to:







Simply put, our EF Coaches are professionals who promote individuals' confidence and content acquisition, while celebrating personal growth and perspective success. Coaches help, and their clients earn. Just as a football coach does not play in his team’s games, EF Coaches are not “taskers,” “homework doers” or “test takers”. They are consultants, who work with their students to help them work smarter and live easier.

What can I expect from my Advanced EF Coach?

You will have access to an experienced teacher, therapist or psychologist, who genuinely appreciates inspiring and helping others to succeed. All of our EF Coaches have experience creating individualized executive plans, which appeal to students’ strengths, while boosting their confidence to face their weaknesses. There are many different ways to learn; Advanced EF Coaches understand Bloom’s Taxonomy, and they each bring with them tools and strategies that help them create an atmosphere where students can grow in a comfortable, professional environment. After each session, your coach assesses progress and uses his or her findings to plan the next session. Tech Literacy is an important skill, which is imperative for success in the ever-evolving world of tech communication. Each of our EF Coach/Student relationships is made stronger through extensive use of cloud-based organization and communication. In addition to communicating with you, your EF Coach will also act as a hub for communication among the student- centered team of parents, teachers, therapists, and psychologists. We make it our job to combine, make sense of, and utilize all of the information about your student, so that he or she can best benefit from the information. Your EF Coach will email you after every session, and you will meet with him or her periodically to check in and measure progress.


This is a small snapshot of what an Advanced EF Coach can do for your student. We encourage you to contact us, so we can chat about your specific needs and how we can best serve you and/or your student.



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