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Searching, applying, and interviewing for jobs is tough. The process is labor-intensive and can be a major source of anxiety. Whether you are just entering the job market out of college/trade school, or you feel “stuck” and are looking for a career change, the process can easily become overwhelming. Advanced Career Coaching offers support to people in making well-informed decisions about their career development. We help our clients create and verbalize their career goals, and we help them create programs to reach those goals.

As is the case with all parts of ATN, each Advanced Career Coaching program is individualized to reflect and adhere to the specific needs of each of our clients. In working with an Advanced Career Coach, you will gain self-confidence, encouragement, and insight into the job market. We want to help you relax and tell your story. Your future employers need to know how much you have to offer—which, no matter who you are, is a lot!

We will help you highlight the things that set you apart from other candidates, while working with you to help improve on the skills with which you feel like you may struggle. For some, it is facing and unwrapping the varied emotions that come with the process; for others, it is public speaking skills; while, for others, it may just be that pesky resume.


We are a group of innovative HR professionals, communication specialists, and educators, who all have significant experience in many different realms of the professional world. We are all tied together by the common thread of wanting to help others represent themselves, so they can reach their goals and lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Here are some of the professional skills with which we can help you:

Resume Writing
Interview Skills
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Email Etiquette

Tech Writing and Summarizing
Social Media Literacy
Google Drive
Microsoft Office Suite

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