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We Come to You!

Our teachers typically travel to our clients’ homes to provide instruction in a comfortable and familiar setting for the student. This level of service comes at a comparable rate to most music stores, which charge for you to travel to them. You will love the flexible payment plans, convenient scheduling, and of course, expert instruction, that Advanced Music Network instructors can offer.

Community Update

As a responsible measure in our community, Advanced Music is moving to online lessons for the near future. During this time when schools are closed, this is a way for music instruction to continue. Our teachers are experienced with this type of lesson delivery, and many of our clients are currently enjoying this option. Contact us if we can help you keep the music playing in your home. We are here to help!

It's More Than Music

The study of music is invariably beneficial to the development and well-being of the human brain.  Countless neurological and psychological studies have proven that children who learn to play music and/or receive music instruction, have better test scores, increased language development, increased IQ, and are more engaged in their education. These students also develop better listening, interpersonal, and leadership skills, as well as self-confidence and an ability to perform under pressure. Music is the one discipline that uses the whole brain, and, in doing so, music develops the whole student.

Let us not forget that the most important reason to study music is music, itself. An understanding of the language of music, along with the ability to create and perform, provides students with a connection to their culture. This understanding is only a part of the well-rounded, multi-faceted education for which we all strive.

Private Lessons and More

While Advanced Music offers one-on-one, individualized instruction in voice and various instruments, there are many other areas with which Advanced Music Teachers benefit our students. Whether it is helping students prepare for the AP Music Theory exam, advising them through the college audition process, or bolstering their marching technique, Advanced Music Teachers are happy to help.


Our instructors are experienced musicians and teachers, who can help everyone -- regardless of age or experience. If you do not see your specific situation on our list, simply get in contact with us, and we will find the perfect instructor for you.

The Importance of Private Instruction

Wynton Marsalis, a Pulitzer Prize-winning jazz trumpeter and composer, cites private instruction as the number one factor in the development of every musician. The music classes that most schools offer are, almost always, taught in a group and are geared toward group performance. This type of environment is not conducive to boosting individuals’ musicianship because it is impossible to appeal to so many different instruments and learning styles at one time. The only appropriate environment for teaching individual musicianship is through individual lessons.


Advanced Music will match each student with a teacher, based on corresponding teaching and learning styles and areas of expertise. Establishing a positive rapport between teacher and student will create the levels of motivation and inspiration that lead to success. We are committed to the long-term success and love of music for every learner.

Weekly and Monthly sessions also available

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